6 inspirations for adopting the wooden masonry kitchen

Want to spruce up your new kitchen? Why not fall for wooden masonry kitchen. Both warm and minimalist, it shines with its style timeless. Here are our inspirations for adopting the wooden masonry kitchen.

Why choose a wooden masonry kitchen?

This type of cuisine is part of an environmentally friendly approach. Indeed, the goal is to recycler or upcycle old wooden planks, pallets or boxes to make a custom kitchen. This raw material also allows you to enjoy a safe and functional kitchen, while preserving its charm.

How to make a wooden masonry kitchen?

If you love the Mediterranean style, the wooden masonry kitchen is made for you! Inspired by whitewashed furniture (Tadelakt), this one will remind you of the warmth of sunny days like Mallorca or Ibiza. On condition, however, of combine wood with bricks or plaster tiles. This combination of textures makes your kitchen bright and refined.


Here’s how to decorate a wooden masonry kitchen

The masonry wooden kitchens are often rather uncluttered. On the one hand, car the white color of the plaster or whitewashed furniture reflects natural light. So pour adopt the style of the wooden masonry kitchenput on glass jars to contain your starches, display your spices and hang your kitchen tools, also in wood, on the wall.

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