a competition to put the disabled and our local cuisine in the spotlight

A Nice cooking competition for people with disabilities was organized in our city. Together, eight territorial agents were able to concoct a traditional Niçoise salad, before being tempted by a revisited recipe.

“A little radish”, “tomatoes here”, “be careful, don’t forget to take tuna!” » This Wednesday, June 22, we are active on the Cours Saleya.

And for good reason, a cooking competition was held in the heart of the market, from 9am to 12.30pm. Organized by the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, this event was reserved for agents with disabilities.

Photo: Nice Press

After completing a questionnaire on the history of cooking, taking part in a recipe with blanks and recognizing products by taste and touch, the participants put on an apron to prepare a traditional Niçoise salad. But also develop an original recipe.

Olives, eggs, tuna… Everyone first scrupulously chose the ingredients, before moving on to the manufacturing stage, under the watchful eye of the jury.

Raising awareness about disability

Through this initiative, the idea is to show that a person “carrying a disability can fully integrate into a team with able-bodied people” explains Hervé Laubertie, director of well-being, occupational health and social relations at the Métropole.

Photo: Nice Press

“We want to highlight the fact that it is quite possible to work, adapt to the data instructions, and hold on to the different positions. Here, the goal is really to raise awareness. »

Thus, eight agents of the community, affected by different types of disabilities, participated in the competition, commented by Franck Viano, founder of the Collectif Cuisine Niçoise. The work was done in pairs. “It is the person with a disability who works with an able-bodied agent as an assistant. They work together. »

kitchen set

During the morning, everyone cooked, smiling. Among the participants, we find Yacine Ait-Seguer, blind. For him it’s a moment ” really great. »

“It allows you to meet up with work colleagues and go beyond the purely professional framework around a value that we all like: cooking. »

Photo: Nice Press

A little longer, Jean-Marc Senia, hard of hearing, also prepares his Niçoise salad. “It knows a multitude of versions around the world, we try to be faithful to the real recipe. »

“This competition highlights the traditions of Nice and the culinary arts. It is also an opportunity to spend a friendly moment with colleagues, to bring together valid and invalid people, and perhaps to break down some prejudices…”


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