A group of farmers want to restore their letters of nobility to their profession

Terres d’Adour is a project that goes back several years now, which Christian Lanuque encouraged to develop after selling Excel, his foie gras business, to the giant Maïsadour-Delpeyrat. “I chose to bring together a small group of farmers who share with my family the taste for good products” he confides.

JWe find ourselves on the values ​​that they wanted to propel to the forefront: pride in their profession, the heritage of know-how transmitted from generation to generation, and the love of the wealth of the Countries of the Adour. A dozen territories “of celebration, of challenges, of gastronomy. The Pays de l’Adour concentrate many flavors sources of curiosity and delight for our gourmet taste buds. And for a very long time, the cuisine of our countryside has drawn the quintessence of the diversity of the good products of our region ».

And to speak of diversity is an understatement, because although the king of Terres d’Adour is the duck, the chickens, cows, oxen, calves, pigs, sheep, and even the fruits and vegetables, do not have to envy the first . Local products, some organic, some labeled: yellow chicken from the Landes, Bayonne ham, Espelette pepper, Adour kiwis, wines from the South-West, etc.

Farmers in the noble sense of the term, imbued with the values ​​of the land…

“Farmers in the noble sense of the term, imbued with the values ​​of the land, we ensure respect for nature. We are involved in developing the vitality of our terroirs and perpetuating their tradition of hospitality. Identified with a terroir that cultivates a fine art of living, our proven products from farms or cultures that respect the cycles of nature and reassure customers with their authenticity. Acting together to share our wealth gives real meaning to our profession! »


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