a new address to taste the fusion cuisine of the hour

The Nikkei MTL, the new Petit Laurier restaurant, offers attractive Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. This mixture of flavors born from Japanese immigration to Peru has been very trendy for a few years. But, beyond the fashion, we go there above all for the taste!

It’s that Nikkei cuisine, a word that literally means “of Japanese origin”, is frankly explosive, at least when it is used well. Here, for example, you can find a ceviche or a tiradito (two Peruvian dishes of fish marinated in tiger leche) attributed are added ponzu or wasabi in the sauce, just to give them a little kick reminiscent of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Nikkei MTL menu also offers dishes with more Japanese flavors such as tron shi-atun, a bowl of sushi rice with yellowfin tuna cubes, sesame mayonnaise and nori sheets. But you never stray far from the flavors of Peru, thanks among other things to the yellow pepper (aji amarillo) found on several plates.

The cocktail menu deserves attention. Pisco sour (to pay homage to Peru), shisho margarita (with mezcal and pink grapefruit-vanilla-rosemary syrup) and mango split (which ends with notes of banana liqueur) almost make us forget the selection of sakes and wines , including a few privately imported bottles.

Passion platter

After opening the Barranco in Saint-Denis last year, partners Fidel Vasquez, Renatto Miranda and Josué Briones Corcuera are embarking on this new adventure, once again with executive chefs and partners Daniel Silva and Michelangelo Miceli. And they have no intention of stopping their conquest of the Plateau anytime soon!

The Plateau-Mont-Royal district has been calling us for a long time and we have in mind to open several restaurants with different concepts in this area.

Fidel Vasquez, co-owner of Barranco and Nikkei MTL

After the rain, the good weather: east of Laurier Street sees it, after many businesses have closed their doors over the past two years. This is the case of the Entretiens, a neighborhood bistro open for 40 years, whose premises are now occupied by the Nikkei MTL. With other addresses that have appeared – ringing at the La Grocerie restaurant-counter and the Antipode café-bar – the number of terraces on this little street is multiplying.

Seeing all the heads turn to look out the windows of the Nikkei MTL facade, the residents of the neighborhood can’t wait to discover their new neighbor, which opens today.

Nikkei MTL
1577 Laurier Avenue East
Monday to Sunday, 4 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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