A rescue operation is carried out to accommodate 36 abused sled dogs at an animal-loving competitor

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The Chenil d’Orca, located in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord in Quebec, offered tourists in the winter season walks with sled dogs. However, a complaint was filed against the unscrupulous owner who kept his pack in deplorable conditions.

An investigation is underway, but the 36 dogs present on the spot are already the subject of a large-scale rescue operation.

This is Dominique Gagnonthe manager of a similar establishment named Solo walkswho offered to help them. “It was my wife who gave me the idea to do something for the dogs that show up 10 kilometers from my home. Inspectors had given owners 30 days to provide adequate housing and care. I spoke with them and they bequeathed the entire pack to me.an explanation Dominica a The Digital Sun.

Tailor-made care and fittings

The poor beasts were found alive chained in a wasteland and extremely emaciated. Dominica and his wife began the rescue by retrieving 10 dogs on June 13, 2022.

But the inclement weather and the lack of means to welcome them slowed down the process. The goal is to provide them with a healthy and comfortable environment while they regain their strength. Then, they will be offered for adoption to start a whole new life in a loving home.

Dominica has therefore launched a call for donations on social networks to benefit from the help of the community. A surge of solidarity was organized in record time. 36 niches and an enclosure are under construction.

“We will give them a good life and get them back in good shape. They provide the necessary care.an insured Dominica.

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This Thursday, June 16, the remaining 26 dogs will in turn be moved. Many people have already proposed to adopt one of these doggies. In addition, the donation campaign is still ongoing to help pay for food, medical care and materials needed to fit out the premises.

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