Alcoholic and yet forbidden to carry a weapon, he walks around with a kitchen knife in the city center of Limoges

This Wednesday, August 3, at 6:10 p.m., a national police patrol was directly requested during its round, rue Jean-Jaurès in Limoges, by a driver reporting a violent argument at the level of the fast food restaurant at the bottom of the street. .

At the sight of the police, who arrived quickly on the scene, an individual tried to flee by rue du Temple. The police set off in pursuit before the interceptor.

A 20 cm blade hidden in the back

The man, quite upset, was found carrying a kitchen knife with a blade of 20 centimeters, hidden behind his back, under his T-shirt and held by the top of his pants.

This 34-year-old Mahoran, well known to the police and justice services, was arrested for carrying a category D weapon. The person with whom he had the violent altercation was not threatened and injured. Taken to the police station for a blood alcohol test, the man arrested had a blood level of 1.10 g.

Already known for similar facts

After administrative research, the police discovered that the potentially dangerous individual had been the subject, since February, of a search form prohibiting him from possessing or carrying a weapon.

Although he has recently and on several occasions been the subject of procedures for “carrying a knife”, the latter indicated during his hearing that he did not know that this was prohibited and indicated that he had not threatened or injured nobody.

At the end of his police custody, he was referred to the prosecution at the request of the duty magistrate with a view to a guilty plea.

He will finally be tried on November 14.

By arresting this alcoholic individual armed with a knife, the police have “the intimate conviction of having stopped a drama identical to that of Brive which occurred on Wednesday”.


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