Blanc deems Mbappé’s decision “very courageous”

Laurent Blanc gave his opinion on the choice of Kylian Mbappé to stay at PSG. The former Parisian coach thinks him very brave.

Asked by European 1, Laurent Blanc spoke about Kylian Mbappé’s decision to extend to PSG. The former coach liked it: “I don’t know much about the man. He’s young compared to us. But even young he seems to me to be quite solid already, because you have to be solid where he is. He you have to be well surrounded, but solid personally. I think he is. I think he made a very courageous decision. He has the courage to say: “I’m staying in Paris and I’m going to try to win the League champions with Paris”. He could have gone to Real, but he is still young. He is going to go abroad, he is going to play for the big clubs abroad, for the biggest clubs in the world. But he said: ‘I’m still going to try to win the Champions League with Paris’. I think it’s good. Let’s take advantage of having Kylian Mbappé in our league for a while and play him every three days.”he indicated.

This Saturday, some Madrid supporters present in the French capital insulted the native of Bondy. His choice to stay at PSG has not yet been digested.

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