BTS Is Humorously Mentioned In “Business Proposal”

Besides the love story between the couples, Episode 9 of Business Proposal also made the audience laugh with the dinner scene of Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong), Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) with the crew of development of Go Food. Notably, this scene mentioned BTS in an unexpected and humorous way.

Specifically, while Ha Ri, her boss, and her coworkers were drinking, deputy manager Kye Bin (Lim Ki Hong) was determined to show off his Soju Bomb (a combination of soju and beer) skill. It mixes beer and soju in a skillful way. In the process, Kye Bin mentioned BTS titles twice. As a result, he said the process of making wine glasses filled with blood, sweat and tears coincided with Blood Sweat and Tears. Kye Bin is also named the new drink Dynamite, from the same word as the title of BTS’s hit song.

Notably, Kye Bin also performed a series of sexy choreography similar to the group’s dance in Blood Sweat and Tears. He even wears a purple sweater which is the symbol color of BTS. And if you pay close attention, you can see that Kye Bin’s hairstyle is similar to Jungkook’s hairstyle in Dynamite.

BTS is humorously mentioned in Business Proposal

Netizens also wrote:

  • Our [BTS] oppas would cry seeing this.
  • I didn’t expect BTS to be mentioned that way.
  • The drama is so funny, and I still want to see BTS here.
  • This episode is so funny.
  • If BTS saw it, they would burst out laughing.
  • So adorable.

Previously, director Park Seon Ho once thanked Jungkook on his personal Instagram when the singer shared that he watched and liked the drama. The director then revealed that BTS produced a surprise appearance, but didn’t specify which episode in particular.

BTS is humorously mentioned in

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