Business Proposal Episode 7 Netflix Series Preview

Episode 7 of Business Proposal will air on March 21. Ahead of the broadcast, excitement to see Ha-ri and Tae Moo’s “trip” with their friends is buzzing on social media.

The latest drama series from Netflix and SBS, Business Proposal, has reached double-digit ratings according to Nielson Korea. According to media reports, the March 15 episode of the series earned a 10.1 rating from Nielson Korea.

Along with the show’s skyrocketing ratings, Grammy-nominated BTS member Jeon Jungkook opened up about the show on his personal Instagram, saying he caught up on his behind the series!

In return, the Business Proposal director revealed his gratitude to the world-famous singer on Instagram saying that in the future, there will be a line in the drama saying “a handsome man like Jungkook! “.


A few hours before the airing, SBS shared an exclusive preview of the March 21 episode of Business Proposal. According to the preview, Ha-ri is initially not ready to play the role of Tae Moo’s real girlfriend. in front of his friends. But when she hears her friends’ gossip and Tae Moo insists that the best way out of this situation is to keep acting until her friends are around, Ha-ri agrees. you can see a preview of the episode below

[ENG SUB] Business Proposal Ep 7 Pre-Released Video 🎥 #BusinessProposalEp7 #사내맞선

Another preview hints that Tae Moo will reveal his true feelings to Ha-ri in the episode, as he asks her, “Don’t you really know why I spent all this time acting like your boyfriend. in front of your friends, when I hate wasting my time? Don’t you really know? »

Fans of Sunghoon and Young Seo are also in heaven as the preview suggests they will have more steamy moments in Episode 7. Watch the preview with English subtitles below.

Are you impatient to discover episode 7 of Commercial Proposal? Watch the drama on SBS and Netflix on March 21.

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