Carbone, the New Cocktail Bar That Heats Place Saint-Hubert

Hubert co-managed the Dandy, an ultra-famous cocktail bar in Old Lille, for a long time, before wanting to steal shaker on its own. After a great family break, he is back with his new bar, Carbone. There are the same basics as at Le Dandy but with a more chill spirit, charcoal cocktails and snacks.

The front is not yet redone (it happens) but the interior is completely finished and enough to let go of “wow”. In this characteristic double house in Old Lille, Hubert and his two partners wanted to create a beautiful cocktail bar »but not too stuffy either”. “And that’s also why I called it Carbone: for me it refers to our home: coal, slagheap, terroir…”, explains Hubert.

Because when you enter the bar, it’s black that predominates: here the wood was burned by a local sawmill, you find activated carbon in some cocktails, others are smoked…”And another detail: we discovered while going up to the top floors of the house that it had caught fire years ago.“, emphasizes the manager. But don’t be fooled by the darkness at the entrance: you will quickly be delighted by the skylight at the back, which is actually an old covered courtyard.

Since mid-June, you can come and sip a cocktail inside (which can accommodate about forty people) or outside on a beautiful sunny terrace with about twenty seats. You can also privatize a small room on the first floor which also overlooks the courtyard.

More than a dozen cocktails on the menu

In your glass, you could of course take a beer, a little champ’ or wines. The menu is short because the star of the spot, as you will have understood, is the cocktail.

For once, there are twelve “signatures” with overall Dandy descriptions that range between 10 and 12 € while the great classics are around 10-11 €. “We really enjoyed ourselves on the gear: we have a real bartender station and we have a kitchen upstairs where we make all our homemade syrupsadds Hubert.

The kitchen also allows him to reconnect with his first love which is cooking. Because before being a cocktail lover and wanting to share his passion with people, the Lille native won a professional cooking diploma and it is he who will be in the kitchen at Carbone. “I was a little tired of the boards, he confides. There, I dice that I have enough to Do Some Small chooses nice.

Hubert Surrounded by Maxence and Jean-Phi, Members of His Barman Team. @Carbon

He will still also be at the bar, with two acolytes with whom he has already worked and whom he knows well. Together, their goal is to continue to educate people about cocktails and to show everything that is still possible to discover about this drink.

Le Carbone is at 9 place Saint-Hubert in Lille, a stone’s throw from Lille-Flandres and right next to Hein. The bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. and closes at maximum times (1 hour at the beginning of the week, 2 hours thereafter). You can follow the news of the bar on Insta.

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