Chrome 103 is available, what’s new?

Google has deployed a new version of its Chrome browser, Chrome 103, for a few hours. We have several improvements, some of which concern performance.

Available for download, Chrome 103 arrives four weeks after Chrome 102. The pace of development around the browser has accelerated in the face of increasingly dynamic competition embodied by Microsoft and Edge or Mozilla’s Firefox.

One of the highlights is performance with normally a faster browser. Specifically, page loading speeds up due to Prerender2 technology. This “pre-rendering” technology, although not very resource-intensive, will not be used on entry-level devices. Google remains vague, but devices with less than 512MB of RAM are considered entry-level by the company.

Prerender2 allows Google to restore prefetch functionality but without some of the significant issues seen with the older version (resource consumption, privacy, and security). It is rolling out first to Android devices.

Chrome 103, security that uses machine learning

Google is also attacking security with the plugging of 14 flaws, one of which is of critical gravity. We also use machine learning technology to detect potentially malicious sites. In the event of a false positive, it is possible to intervene to manually authorize access. Finally we have a little cleanup around APIs lacking security. They are simply no longer supported.

It should be noted that if Chrome is a solid and efficient browser, it suffers from a major problem in our view. It is about the protection of privacy. Its collection tools and the economic machinery around the commercialization of personal data do not have a real problem.

Chrome 103 is rolling out smoothly across the various supported environments. For example, we find versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you are already under this browser just go to this address

Menu > Aide > À propos de Chrome

The installed version is displayed while a check for available updates is performed. The new version should then appear, download and install automatically. Chrome updates on Android dropped on Google Play, which means there is no option to speed up the upgrade on Android.

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