Chrome 104 is available: here are the new features of Google’s browser

Google has just started the deployment of Chrome 104. The opportunity to bring several security patches to his browser, but also some novelties notables have developed the user experience. For example, it is now possible to crop the video screenshot, during a videoconference call for example.

What’s new in Chrome 104 update

After the Chrome 102 update and the discreet Chrome 103, Google is back with a new version: Chrome 104. Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, the latter first comes with several security patches, 27 according to Google.

In terms of new features, the browser speeds up the loading of embedded content to other platforms, such as Tweets and YouTube videos. For this, Chrome 104 comes to load them automatically and without asking permission from the web pages. Previously, this required the execution of scripts, which could impact performance. For information, only 1% of users currently have access to this new feature.

More interesting and concrete for ordinary users, Chrome 104 now allows you to crop video screenshot area. This allows you to choose the part of your screen that you want to save or share. This feature also seems cut out for videoconferences, so you can see only part of a tab. Indeed, it was only to share a full tab on Google’s browser before.


By the way, Google has also rolled out the Chrome OS 104 update for Chromebooks. The latter notably introduces dark and light themes; a new launcher, with an option to sort apps by color and a new search bar complete with a shortcut to the Google Assistant; as well as a calendar widget taking place next to the control center in the taskbar.

To take advantage of the Chrome 104 update on your PC, go to the browser menu by clicking on the three small dots at the top right; then click on Settings ; and select the section About Google Chrome.

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