Chrome on iOS, Google announces password autofill

The iOS version of Chrome simplifies logins to different accounts if it is used to store passwords. The M104 version of the browser allows setting as an autofill solution. In addition to this progress, there are also improvements in secure browsing.

Many of these features are not new. We already find them on the Android edition of Chrome. This is for example the case of the password manager, which uses connection storage data to ensure connections to applications.

On the security side when browsing with an iPhone or iPad, the browser offers to check whether the websites visited are dangerous or not. Additionally, it notifies you if your username and password have been compromised in a third-party data breach. This alert is triggered if you enter credentials on a website.

The browser will also offer a first by facilitating ” discovering new content or starting a new search when you’ve been away for a while“.

This is supposed to help” browsing through content, starting a new search or easily returning to your most frequent sites while allowing you to locate your recent tabs. Google adds that this advance will be available “ soon on Android “.

The browser’s built-in translation tools are being improved to ” accurately determine the language of the page you are visiting and whether it needs to be translated to match your preferences “.


At the same time, Chrome iOS Actions makes it easier to clear browsing data and open a private browsing tab. It is no longer necessary to go to the three-dot menu to find these options. Just type for example “ Delete history in the URL bar to be automatically redirected to the page to clear its data.

Finally, Google changes the three-dot menu “ to be identifiable and highlight the most important destinations, such as your history, passwords and settings “.

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