Cold snap for Veretout, Alexis Sanchez done, Longoria listening to offers for Lirola? The 3 OM transfer window news for this Tuesday!

Like every evening, FCM offers you the 3 OM news of the day! On the program this Tuesday: Cold snap for Veretout, Alexis Sanchez is done, Longoria listening to offers for Lirola?

Mercato OM: Cold snap in the Veretout file?

According to Foot Mercato, the track leading to Jordan Veretout has been updated in recent hours. The international midfielder would prefer to join AC Milan.

Since the departure of Jorge Sampaoli, the Marseille management has been working on the overhaul of part of its workforce. After the failure of the track leading to Axel Witsel, the French midfielder of AS Roma was a priority target for Pablo Longoria to replace Boubacar Kamara, who left for Aston Villa this summer.

Veretout wants to stay in Italy?

The profile of Jordan Veretout appeared to be an interesting solution combining high level experience and knowledge of the French championship. If internally we felt confident about the arrival of the international tricolor, the rumor has taken the lead in the wing in recent hours.

Regularly cited on the side of Marseille or even Lyon, Veretout would prefer to stay in Serie A. According to Foot Mercato, the Roman midfielder prioritizes a transfer to AC Milan, which has been courting him for several weeks. The quest for Kamara’s successor in midfield appears more complex than expected.

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During the transfer window, it is very important to have a consensus with the coach — Longoria

“It is normal that there are changes in the search for profiles. A player who is comfortable in one style of play is not necessarily so in another. Last year, we started on profiles to have possession in the middle of the field and we had in particular Boubacar Kamara who had this role of central midfielder. With Igor’s way of playing, the two midfielders will have different characteristics with more intensity, an ability to occupy space. The strategy will therefore change on certain positions. As we said at the last press conference, the objective is to increase the quality of the squad, while giving continuity to the team. With the Champions League, I think we will have to recruit 5 to 8 players (OM are already at 7 with Nuno Tavares). During the transfer window, it is very important to have a consensus with the coach. I have always said that good leaders are those who have a good ability to adapt, to the club, to the city and to the identity. And also an adaptation to a new coach and his style of play. You must always meet the expectations of a new coach since he is the one who will have the players evaluated. » Pablo Longoria Press conference (05/07/2022).

Mercato: OM, listening to offers for this player?

As La Provence explained a few days ago, no one is untransferable to Olympique de Marseille. Pol Lirola is no exception… In the event of an offer, the club was considering leaving.

The preparation matches made it possible to target the players Igor Tudor likes from those he does not want to keep in his squad. One of the big losers is why Pol Lirola who, as La Provence recalls in his article, only played 100 minutes in the 5 preparation matches in July.

Lirola could leave OM this summer

The side right had already lost its place in the squad with Jorge Sampaoli and was playing less and less. Valentin Rongier, who was aligned at this position of right piston, found his position in the middle but the Spaniard is not a winner.

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The arrival of Jonathan Clauss has therefore dropped his place in the hierarchy… Worse, the club would be listening to offers about him and would not be against letting him slip away. Frank McCourt had recently claimed departures, he could be served if Pol Lirola receives interesting offers.

Ribalta will take care of sales – Grégoire

“Pablo Longoria considers Javier Ribalta to be one of his references in football, he said so in an interview in Provence in December 2020. A reference with Fabio Paratici the former sports director of Juventus, today from Tottenham. Ribalta is his friend, I think he surrounds himself, he has improved his close guard, I think Ribalta will take care of sales in particular. We have seen that he is already very active on the Luis Henrique file at Torino with his Italian networks, because we have to get out of the players, I think he will relieve Longoria of certain tasks but afterwards in the profile indeed we’re on something quite similar, focused on Longoria, but maybe Longoria thinks he has a lot to do as president, he doesn’t really like that, interviews, meetings with Benoît Payan, rent is not his favorite area. Longoria thinks that Ribalta could come back to the heart of the work like the architecture of the deals, stuff like that. Personally I think it’s modern football. I compare Longoria to Luis Campos (technical director of PSG) and Ribalta is a bit like that too, they have their qualities and their faults. Their qualities are that they will bet sometimes on a player who is going to have an explosion, on a very great talent, besides that, they are managers of the new generation who work a lot with mandates, with always the same agents with commissions, it is the Campos side in Lille, on the saw with the transfer of Victor Osimhen where there are things badly explained. In my opinion there are good and bad sides, I’m not judging that, I’m just saying that it fits the modern foot. But, whether it’s Longoria or Ribalta, to make the transfer window, it’s great, they are specialists but there are good and bad sides. » Mathieu Gregoire – Source: Marseille Football Club (06/27/2022)

Mercato OM: Is it done for Alexis Sanchez? The details of the offer!

Olympique de Marseille is very close to signing Alexis Sanchez. His agent is expected this Tuesday in Milan for the breach of contract at Inter!

Alexis Sanchez at OM, it’s almost done! The Gazzetta Dello Sport explains on Tuesday that the player has broken his contract with Inter. His agent would be expected in Milan on Tuesday to sign the breach of contract. The Chilean should engage well with OM in stride.

A 2-year contract with 3M€ salary!

There he will sign a two-year contract with a salary of 3 million euros per one after the Italian sports daily. Several clubs hoped to win the bet on Alexis Sanchez but the former Arsenal player gave his word to OM.

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The possibility of having regular playing time and especially of playing in the Champions League next season has totally seduced her. Galatasaray had notably come to information in recent days but Sanchez’s priority remains Marseille.

What is missing in the recruitment of Longoria according to Rovera!

“There is a consistency in what the project is… Yes, I have always said that the objective of OM and Longoria was to have two young people to train to sell to big clubs and therefore make investments. We have to show that Olympique de Marseille manages to create, buy young people and resell them at a higher price, but there is also the search for results. In this logic, we can understand that this year there are 30-year-old players arriving like Gigot, Clauss who is not a young person on whom we can make an added value but he is coming out of Ligue 1 and he is international . You will also take, perhaps, an Alexis Sanchez who would be a rather concrete lead with a chance of finding the one who had a good season with Conte at Inter Milan… There is a complementarity with these young people like Touré for example and the experienced ones who will perform right away. We are at stage 2 of the Longoria project. Take young people for the added value and offer a team to get results. Qualification in the Champions League and maintaining competitiveness. But for me, this year, if we look at the workforce, if we look at the 11th incumbent… What will be the desire, the ambition, the determination… The Marseillais, the city, who want to see beautiful things, are missing a spark ! It lacks what Sampaoli brought by his character, his offensive all-in. It could be Gerson but I’m not sure of his continuity. I’m not convinced, he was a man from Sampaoli. He has to be with Igor Tudor. He had found a balance with Sampaoli, it must also be found with Tudor. I am not convinced that this spark will come from Guendouzi and on Payet, even if I understand the logic of putting him as the second attacker closer to the goal, I do not know if he will have the possibility of being this spark all the time -the. I validate the basic idea of ​​what OM is doing on the market with sales, but what I miss this year is the one that drives Marseille crazy! » Simone Rovera – Source: RMC, After Football (30/07/22)

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