cooking, a universal language

In France, the Refugee Food Festival takes place every year in June. Organized by volunteer project leaders, this culinary event highlights unprecedented collaborations between people who have recently arrived in the region and local chefs.

Together, they will mix their culinary knowledge and offer a cuisine imbued with several cultures. This civic engagement facilitates the integration and reception of refugees while changing the way others view these populations. The festival volunteers also offer a methodology allowing everyone to create their festival in their restaurant.

Anne Boulot

The seventh edition of the Refugee Food Festival has been marked by a dramatic year, during which the number of refugees is constantly increasing. For Fanny Borrot, director of the festival and development, it was necessary to maintain this edition. This year, she has also decided to push the collaboration further by going directly to meet craftsmen and introduce them to this initiative.

Fanny Borrot recalls the unifying powers of cooking which have become a universal language. These unique experiences also allow refugee cooks to get to know the world of catering in France and Refugee Food professionally supports cooks towards successful integration by offering training to become kitchen assistants.

Refugee Food Festival

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