DNCG: OM are doing well

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The test of the national club management control (DNCG) is a source of concern among lovers of Olympique de Marseille. A year ago, the Marseille club saw its payroll sanctioned after a consistent transfer window. Amine Harit, the last Olympian summer recruit, even had to see some players shift their emoluments for his signing to be effective.

After a remarkable season (Conference League semi-final and direct qualification for the Champions League), we thought that everything was going to go smoothly with the body. Nay. After its first visit, the DNCG mentioned a stay of proceedings pending additional elements (including documents). Now the specter of a wage bill framework or a recruitment ban hovered over the head of the club like the sword held by Dionysius the Elder, tyrant of Syracuse, above that of Damocles .

No more obstacles for Longoria

In reality, the DCNG was above all tired of seeing the promises of selling players who failed at each transfer window and waited for a signal from OM shareholder Frank McCourt. Initially scheduled for June 9, the day before the opening of the summer transfer window, the response concerning OM, in agreement with both parties and after many exchanges, was postponed to Tuesday June 14, then postponed again to this day. Finally, the additional documents arrived and OM, who said they were confident before their big oral, will have no restrictions for the recruiter this summer.

As part of the examination of the situation of clubs for the 2022-2023 sports season, the Professional Clubs Control Commission has taken the following decisions pursuant to Article 11 of the DNCG Regulations: “LIGUE 1 UBER EATS: AS Monaco, OGC Nice, Olympique de Marseille, Olympique Lyonnais, Paris Saint-Germain. No action taken against the club by the DNCG”indicates the press release sent by the LFP.

Good news for OM, Pablo Longoria, Frank McCourt and, above all, coach Jorge Sampaoli, who we know is demanding in terms of recruitment. Now, Longoria will be able to pass the second and ratify certain agreements which he was close to with a few elements. Pablo Longoria likes to hit hard and fast, and now he’s not obstructed by anything.

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