Do you see a dog, a cat and a rabbit? If you zoom in, you discover something else

You see a dog, a cat and a rabbit

This visual game is going viral on Facebook as many people see a dog, a cat and a rabbit at first but very few people have recognized the truth hidden in the image.

A visual challenge conquers social networks again. Browsing through Facebook, we found an amazing image, shared dozens of times, due to its intricacies.

The photograph on a black background shows the silhouette of several animals, a dog, a cat and a rabbit, with the aim of asking people to guess which living being can be seen there. Unfortunately, there is no animal in the photo.

A zoom that changes everything

To find out what’s behind the photo, people have to zoom in to – according to the creator of the visual challenge – appreciate the beauty of the “people” as you get closer to them.

By enlarging the image, you can see:

  • In the silhouette of the dog: a happy couple contemplating their baby.
  • In the silhouette of the cat: a couple looking into each other’s eyes.
  • In the silhouette of the rabbit: a smiling couple looking at each other.

Did you notice the couples at first glance or did you have to zoom in to get a closer look? A game that once again proves how deceiving appearances can be.

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