Enable Or Disable Google Chrome Material Design On Windows PC

For those who use Google Chrome, it should be clear now that there is a new design. Google calls it the Material design, and not everyone will like this new version of the web browser. Some people may feel the need to go back to the old design, and that’s where this article comes in.

Material Design in the Google Chrome browser

When it’s about Chrome 53, it’s all about Material Design. That’s the main feature here, and from what we understand it’s basically something Microsoft has already done, so Google is just playing catch-up.


The Chrome material design brings a complete visual refresh to the normal classic Chrome layout. It includes changes such as the introduction of a Dark Incognito theme, clean tab edges, 3-dot hamburger menu changes, redesigned pages for downloads and add-ons, and more. It offers a mouse-optimized layout – and the hybrid layout provides a more space-friendly experience for touch-enabled devices. The changes might not be obvious to the naked eye, but rest assured, they are there.

Revert to original Chrome design

Chrome Material Design means the user interface is flat and some icons have changed. For some time now, several companies, including Microsoft, have been moving towards a flat user interface for their products. We first saw it in Windows 8, and it’s carried over to Windows 10. It’s new stuff right now until someone comes up with something better.

Let’s get back to talking about Chrome 53 and its new design.

Apart from the flat UI, we can see the improved changes to the tabs, the icons are different and the ominbox has also been changed to match the version of Chrome on mobile.

I didn’t find much of a problem with the new design, but if you want to change it, here’s how.

To restore the design to the original, write chrome://flags in the address bar. After that, press Ctrl + F, type “Material design”, then press Enter. You see a parameter Material Design in browser top chrome. Change it from Default a Non-material, restart the web browser and everything should be back to normal. There is also an option that says Hybrid Material – it is intended for touch layout.

Now, if you’re a fan of Material Design, chances are you’d prefer to see it throughout the web browser and not just certain aspects of the UI.

google chrome material design

Under the “Material Design in the top browser chrome” option, there is another option known as “Material Design in the rest of the native browser UI”. Click on Enable and he should continue -top-chrome-md setting on secondary UI.

There’s so much more to do from the chrome://flags menu, but keep in mind that many of the options are experimental and may cause browser issues.

UPDATED METER: In Chrome now, the Material Design in browser top chrome the setting has been removed. But if you search for “Material designyou will find several items that you can disable.

chrome material design

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