Fernelmont: a kitchen knife to steal a PS4

Only one of the two defendants had seen fit to come and explain himself before the Namur criminal court on Monday.

A young man from the Sambreville region was the victim of a “group of agitators” well known in the region. During a first scene, his bag was stolen from him. During a second, they are returned to several at his place. Asking to use his toilet, they finally threatened him with a kitchen knife to steal a PS4 console which was to be resold later.

2 years in prison are required against the defaulting defendant at the hearing, at the origin of the knife scene, 18 months are required against the one who was present at the hearing on Monday. The court does not oppose a measure of favor concerning the.

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I heard noise in the apartment, I went to see, they were stealing the console, I told them to stop and I left.

The defendant’s lawyer pleads acquittal for his client. Judgment of September 12.


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