FIFA allows 26 players per team

Announced several days ago, the news is now official. Via a press release published on Thursday, FIFA has decided to increase the list of players called up by selection for the 2022 World Cup to 26 players. Given the need to maintain additional capacity due to the unique calendar of the World Cup of FIFA 2022™ in the global calendar, as well as the background plus the significant disruptive effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the teams before and during the tournaments, the Bureau has decided the following.

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• The maximum number of players on the release list has been increased from 35 to 55. • The number of players to be included in the final list has been increased to at least 23 and a maximum of 26. • The final day at the level of the club for the 23 to 26 players named on the final list will take place on November 13, 2022. • No more than 26 people (up to 15 substitutes and 11 team officials – one of these must be official the doctor of team) will be permitted to sit on the team bench.

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