Football Bordeaux – Bordeaux: Gérard Lopez is attacked by Laurent Blanc

Invited to Europe 1 this Saturday, Laurent Blanc reacted to the relegation of the Girondins de Bordeaux. The French monument with which he was champion of France in 2009. Without the number, Blanc had harsh words towards Gérard Lopez, the main responsible for the situation according to him.

In football, as in life, everything goes very quickly. The first yesterday can be the last the next day, the Girondins de Bordeaux can testify to this. In their history, they have often appeared in the front runners with six French championship titles. The last was won in 2009 under the leadership of Laurent Blanc. The President, as he is called, had combined quality play and efficiency of results. Bordeaux was scary at the time and that has changed a lot this season. 91 goals conceded, 31 small points, the Girondins went through an ordeal to finish in last place in Ligue 1. A terrible descent into Ligue 2 when the club was recently taken over by Gérard Lopez.

Laurent Blanc sickened by Gérard Lopez

Without a club for a few months and his last experience in Qatar, Laurent Blanc nevertheless follows the news of French football well. Guest of Jacques Vendroux on Europe 1, the former coach of the Girondins was attracted by the situation of the club which launched his career on the bench. But, beyond the dejection, he took a lucid look at the facts. For him, Gérard Lopez is the main culprit, having sacrificed the sportsman for the business making the descent into hell of the logical club.

What I find indecent is that there are people who can come to the head of a club and who can hurt you and make a club that is 110 years old, in 18 months, it sweeps you away. In football, as in normal business, when you make a lot of mistakes, unfortunately, you pay for the mistakes. It’s not easy to manage a football club either. […] We are seeing football in a different light, with a lot of business around and there are leaders who imagine themselves coming to a football club supposedly to make money, to grow, to improve the club. And we realize that this is not the case at all and that they can even jeopardize a club like the Girondins de Bordeaux. I find it a shame that these people are allowed to become club boss he said dryly. A finding that could prove even more true in the coming weeks, if the financial situation of the Girondins becomes catastrophic.

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