For Djellit, Alexis Sanchez will not fix anything in Marseille!

Olympique de Marseille are very close to signing Alexis Sanchez for two seasons after breaking his contract with Inter Milan. For Nabil Djellit, his arrival is not going to arrange anything internally or on the ground.

The crisis is setting in at Olympique de Marseille even though the season has not yet started… This Tuesday, the players were to see their coach Igor Tudor as well as the president Pablo Longoria to try to calm the tensions within the club. ‘after information from La Provence and L’Equipe.

Alexis Sanchez, it will not be enough on the side of Olympique de Marseille – Djellit

At the same time, negotiations are progressing very well with Alexis Sanchez for an arrival soon. The Chilean is about to break his contract with Inter Milan and land at OM for two seasons according to Gazzetta Dello Sport.

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On the L’Equipe channel, the debate revolved around the added value of Alexis Sanchez in the workforce of Olympique de Marseille. According to journalist Nabil Djellit, his arrival does not solve all the problems likely to face the Marseillais, even on the ground.

“Alexis Sanchez, he’s a big player, there’s no problem, but the providential man, that’s not enough for Olympique de Marseille. On the too long part. There is currently fire with the trainer with in particular an XXL mistrust on the part of his executives. You talked about friendly matches, it was a disaster. Their victory is against Marignane Gignac, remember. On Sunday, they were outclassed by AC Milan, the whole defense was renewed… We saw him in great difficulty. Alexis Sanchez, he does not play side, he does not play central defender… He will not be able to solve everything! Him, it must be the icing on the cake but the cake is on the icing because no one is going to eat it. » Nabil Djellit – Source: La Chaîne L’Equipe (08/01/22)

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