France team: Deschamps decides on Mbappé’s extension to PSG and responds to the Benzema controversy

Present this Saturday at a press conference, the coach of the France team, Didier Deschamps, gave his opinion on the extension of Kylian Mbappé to Paris Saint-Germain and plays down the supposed tensions with Karim Benzema.

Mbappé and Benzema will meet again on Monday.

It’s been a week since the soap opera ended. While many imagined him to realize his childhood dream by signing for Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappé took everyone on the wrong foot by extending to Paris Saint-Germain until June 2025.

Even if he generally refuses to comment on the career choices of his players, the coach of the France team, Didier Deschamps, has agreed to come out of his reserve to give his opinion on the attacker’s decision.

D. Deschamps – We can grow by staying

It’s his choice. What is obvious, that he stays in Ligue 1 is a very good thing for French football first greeted the technician this Saturday at a press conference. He is attached to the club, he said what he said but being French, that can only be a good thing. In view of the ambitions and the XXL means of the capital club, the double world champion considers that a departure abroad is not necessarily essential to allow Mbappé to continue his progress.

We can grow by staying. Today, the objective of PSG is the same as in all the big clubs, to win the Champions League points out the former coach of Olympique de Marseille. It may be amen one day from abroad, but is not an obligation. We are not going to talk about other periods when there was a lag in relation to France. But today, the choice of players is not the same. It is perhaps less an obligation to go abroad to accomplish beautiful things.

DD reassures on the Mbappé-Benzema relationship

An opinion not necessarily shared by Real and Karim Benzema. Following Mbappé’s about-face, Madrid posted a photo of rapper Tupac on Instagram with one of his friends who then betrayed him. But he later calmed things down by denying having wanted to send a message to his compatriot (see here). Deschamps was reassuring about the relationship between his two attackers.

a has been able to create different interpretations. From my position as coach, where I have the players live and where I know what’s going on from AZ, the main thing for me is the group and this group unity. (…) a can lead to misunderstandings. From a situation where we can all draw negative conclusions when they are not necessarily so… it can turn into a misunderstanding, which does not reflect reality a dramatis the native of Bayonne. Today, with the connected world, it can go very, very quickly, the slightest photo goes quickly. The two internationals will have the opportunity to settle this misunderstanding definitively on Monday when the Merengue will join the Blues after having played in the Champions League final this Saturday (9 p.m.) against Liverpool.

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