Google Assistant is finally on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, here’s how to install it

news material Google Assistant is finally on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, here’s how to install it

Samsung’s latest connected watch has the advantage of integrating the WearOS operating system for the first time. It can finally use its full potential with the arrival of Google Assistant. Here is a comment enjoy it now.

Until the latest version of the Galaxy Watch, Samsung relied on its own operating system: TizenOS. But to simplify things and bring the entire catalog of applications from Google, the Galaxy Watch 4 arrived with WearOS, but there was still one small element missing.

Indeed, the voice assistant is used all the more on a watch than on a smartphone, the screen is smaller and the interaction is therefore mainly done by voice. Until now, he had to make do with Bixby, which is very little used by the general public.

Samsung has responded to consumer demand, and now makes it possible to obtain Google Assistant. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Google Play Store dedicated to WearOS on your watch, and search for the Google Assistant application
  • Download the app, then launch it
  • Several settings are required to use the useful features of the Assistant, and you will need to use your smartphone to activate them.

To activate it, there are several ways. You can configure the “Ok Google” to wake it up, or press the side button on the Watch.

France is among the lucky ones who are entitled to Google Assistant first. It’s a real asset that Samsung has just unlocked, to avoid being left behind by the competition.

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Google Assistant, a must for an Android connected watch

Google is known for mastering data and machine learning like nobody else, and they are using all their knowledge to give Google Assistant more and more intelligence.

Designer of Android, the American firm integrates its virtual agent into compatible watches, and this makes it easy to perform small daily tasks such as sending messages, asking for directions or even asking all kinds of questions.

Otherwise, the update bringing Google Assistant also comes with Google Maps or Google Pay, to make payments directly with their watch via contactless.

Google, at its Google I/O conference, showed off a future version of Assistant, and it’s getting even smarter. He will soon be able to understand when the person hesitates, pauses in his sentence, and even an incomplete request such as the name of a musical artist. We hope that these features will also arrive on connected watches.

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