Google challenges Apple and Samsung with a high range at less than 460 euros

Google will launch the little brother of the Pixel family, the 6e model, on July 28, a team that promises to shake up the high-end market with a price of 459 euros, but with features typical of the company’s first swords. It is a 6.1-inch mobile, with an FHD+ Oled screen, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Its Google Tensor processor, the same as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, facilitates new applications such as magic erase, true tone, and face focus, among other features.

For a fight to exist, two suitors are needed and these are never lacking when there is business at stake. This is the case with great business and commercial rivalries, whose protagonists have traditionally been reinforced by the simple fact of reducing the markets to just two references: Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Burger and Mc Donalds, MasterCard and Visa, Nikon and Canon, Michelin and Bridgestone, Unilever and P&G…

In this selection, Game of Thrones, the Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S22 compete, on the Android side, against the historical hegemony of Apple, with the iPhone 13. And the first battle will take place from July 28 Next, when the Pixel 6a will go on sale in Spain for 459 euros. On the one hand, the Mountain View company presents weapons, which here revealed the main characteristics of its Pixel 6a while Samsung will even do the first week of August with the future Galaxy. In the second half of September, Apple will present its new iPhone. When the latter arrives, the heavyweights of the sector will be able to measure their strengths over the next year.

For now, the Pixel 6a sets the level of demand for its most direct premium rivals with a dozen comparable arguments. Thus, the iPhone killer (the unofficial title of the Pixel) raises the bar for all its optics, refines the hardware and software integration, increases its energy autonomy and reinforces the security elements of the equipment. It also revamps its design to make it an object of seduction, with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 glass coating.

As for the set of cameras (formed by wide angle and ultra wide angle, both 12 megapixel and 8 megapixel front camera), the Pixel 6a integrates the magic erase function, capable of making objects disappear from the scene or subjects who prefer to exclude themselves from photography. “For example, it’s very difficult to find a deserted beach, but thanks to Magic Eraser, in all my vacation photos, I feel like I have the whole beach to myself. I also use it to take slightly offbeat photos. For example, on one occasion, my children were on a swing, but in the photo, I made it disappear and it looked like the children were flying,” says Soniya Jobnaputra, product manager for the Pixel 6a. The photographic application itself offers the possibility of changing the colors or softening the tones, in order to chromatically edit the photos with a hitherto unnecessary creative freedom.

To all the above is added the Real Tone function, able to reproduce with its facial focus the sharpness of human skin with the most realistic color ever seen on a mobile camera. Regarding night photography, Pixel 6a software also makes the most of lighting conditions to achieve industry proven results that are unbeatableaccording to product testing conducted by this newspaper over the past two weeks.

The new mobile’s Google Tensor processor (the first designed by Google exclusively for the Pixel) drives so-called computational photography, a traditional sign of Pixel differentiation, where its algorithms are able to multiply lens performance to levels never seen before.

Mountain View company bets on an “affordable, fast and secure” mobile

The same processor ended the curse of the Tower of Babel and the Instant Translation application. The program offers real-time automated translations of 11 languages ​​without the need for an online connection. In this miracle, the power of a computer with the Google Tensor microprocessor also plays a key role, with a 75% faster CPU than the Pixel 5, while the GPU runs 400% smoother than its immediate. Like the connected, now compatible with WiFi 6E, security is gaining relevance as a new element of purchasing decision among high-end devices. In this case, the Pixel 6a incorporates the same security architecture as other flagship phones: Titan M2 security chip, multiple layers of hardware protection, one-touch fingerprint unlock and five years of security updates. At the same time, the new Google mobile incorporates IP67 protection, resistant to water and dust.

Finally, the 4,306 milliamp battery of the new Pixel guarantees full use in normal conditions 24 hours a day, but with the possibility of extending the energy autonomy by three days (72 hours) thanks to the Extreme Battery Saving mode.

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