Google Chrome 103 is now downloadable: here is its news

You can now download version 103 of Google Chrome, although for now it is available in the “beta” phase.

After releasing a major update aimed at fixing several serious security flaws, Google has started releasing the new version of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome 103 begins rolling out to users on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms today. Initially, the new version is only available through Chrome’s beta program, and in the coming weeks it should begin rolling out through the browser’s “stable” branch.

Google Chrome, the most used browser in the world.

Chrome 103 is official with performance improvements and other changes

As they advanced from Android Police, Chrome 103 is a new version of the browser aimed at introducing significant changes, including support for the so-called “Early Suggestions HTTP Response Code”, aimed at making web pages load faster. when pre-loading part of the code from the servers where they are hosted, before the user decides to access them.

On the other hand, Chrome 103 includes support for .avif multimedia documents in the browser’s “share” menu, easing the process when sharing content in this format.

How to Access Chrome Flags on Android and Enable Hidden Features

The ability to access the device’s storage for any fonts that may be included, so that applications such as online image or video editors have the ability to import these fonts to provide greater variety of fonts to the user.

At the moment, Google Chrome 103 is only available in beta version. You can follow the designated steps in our guide to download the latest version of Chrome and start enjoying the latest browser features.

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