Google Maps, a new option to save fuel

This May 11 at the annual developer conference, Google Maps unveiled a new innovation to find out the most fuel-efficient route.

Google Maps will help motorists a little more saves fuel. The Mountain View (California) company’s navigation app will soon offer a new feature. The latter will allow choosing the most fuel-efficient routes.

already available in the United States and Canada since Wednesdaythis option will come during 2022 in Europe. It was presented at the annual developer conference held in California on May 11. With this new functionality, Sundar Pichai (director of the firm) explained that he wanted reduce pollutant emissions from cars. At the same time, this allows motorists save some money.

“Climate change is no longer a distant threat”, he declared. Hence this need to set up “meaningful solutions for respond to this pressing challenge. It remains to be seen how this new addition will work and if it will be effective.

Will Google Maps stand out on fuels?

This could in any case make a little more more attractive Google Maps in the eyes of motorists. In today’s environment, fuel saving features are more and more important for navigation applications. Indeed, many users find the best prices.

Thus, applications comparing gasoline prices are known a boom in recent months. This is notably the case of Essence & Co, whose number of users has been tripled since 2020, according to remarks reported in March by Pierre Auclair, son leader. Other apps like Waze are also on the way, with map editors tasked with keeping the software up to date.

Until now, Google Maps was also content to display fuel prices. No doubt this new feature can give him a definite advantage against its competitors in this hyper-competitive sector.

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