Google Maps launches a widget to keep an eye on surrounding traffic

Google has unveiled some of the 35 new widgets that will soon be rolled out to Android smartphones. And among these, a little novelty that could delight those who have to take the car.

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In addition to a widget allowing you to archive your emails with one touch or another offering a practical view of your different task listsGoogle will also let you know if it really is a good idea to leave the office at rush hour.

Real-time traffic predictions

Already offered by Waze (belonging, let’s remember, to Google), but also directly from the Google Maps application, real-time traffic predictions will soon be exported to your mobile’s home screen.

This small tile in square format allows you to quickly find out about the state of the roads around your current position. The color code is the same as the one presented when opening the application. In green, everything is rolling; in red, you haven’t come out of the sand.

Google Maps Widget
A widget to keep an eye on surrounding traffic

A magnifying glass is also available to zoom in or zoom out on the map to get an overview of the surroundings. At the moment, this function is only intended for Android smartphones. Despite the availability of widgets on iOS for over a year, no module dedicated to Google Maps has yet appeared on iPhone.

How does Google analyze traffic?

Google takes advantage of its announcement to redirect to a blog post from 2020, detailed comment “ AI helps predict traffic and suggest routes“.

First, we remember that the essential is established from the users of Google Maps. If the app finds that a number of people using the app are on the same street and stationary, it understands that the street is probably congested. But this method may not tell what state traffic will be in 10, 20 or 50 minutes, writes Google.

This is why Google Maps considers the history of the habits of drivers on the roads. “For example, a diagram might show that Route 280 in Northern California has vehicles going 60 mph between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., but only 16 mph in the late afternoon.» . Thanks to these data passed through the mill of themachine learningGoogle is able to draw up a large map of possibilities on the different roads of the world.

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