Google Offers Tool to Provide More Clarity on Programmatic Ad Costs


Plethora of players: A multitude of ad technology partners make the programmatic marketplace click. Here is a brief overview of a few.

  • Ad verification companies can integrate with demand-side platforms (DSPs) to ensure ad placements meet desired criteria on metrics such as brand safety and filter out invalid traffic. Then, once a purchase is made, those players can measure it to confirm that advertisers received what they thought they would.
  • Measurement and attribution partners score ads and ingest data from a variety of sources to determine unique reach and frequency, and to connect media exposures to actions taken by consumers.
  • Clean rooms are also on the rise. These secure digital environments allow multiple parties to share first-party data to produce audience and campaign insights. They enable anonymized data collaboration without exposing the raw data to another party.

The lines between these players are increasingly blurred, and many ad tech partners don’t integrate exclusively in one place or another. Google, for example, offers many ad tech products on the buy and sell side.

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