Google Play already lets you know if an application is compatible (or not) with your devices

The new Google Play Store lets you know if your devices are compatible with apps. So you can easily check it.

Shortly after starting to affect the big redesign of the Google Play Store site, Google decided to introduce another major change to its store, this time in the mobile version of Android.

As 9to5Google reported, it’s now easier than ever to check whether an app you download next is compatible with your device or not.

The Google Play Store on an Android mobile.

The new compatibility section of Google Play will be useful for those who use different devices

Sometimes we may come across an application or game that due to its technical requirements may not be compatible with one of our devices.

Thanks to the new function available from today in the Play Store, when accessing the page of an application in the store, it will be possible to know if our device meets the requirements of said application. The indicator will be displayed in the app info section, indicating whether the app “Works on our device” or not.

Google Play reviews active devices in our account (those that have been used within the last 30 days) to see if they are compatible. In this way it will be possible to see on which devices the application can be installed, including mobile phones, Wear OS watches or televisions with Android TV.

Undoubtedly, it is a very useful function for all those people who frequently use several Android devices and want to maintain an ecosystem of applications connected to each of them.

For now, the function does not seem to be available for everyone despite having the latest version of the store on their devices, so everything indicates that the change must be made by Google on its servers. Even so, it never hurts to make sure that the latest version of Google Play is installed on our mobile.

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