Google Reader Alternatives and Replacement

The IT environment is constantly changing, but some of its services and products are not. I refer to Google Drive – A service that was launched in the but allows readers to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites, but quickly began to decline in popularity and usage, forcing Google to announce its closure. As a result, many have started looking for alternatives to Google Reader or RSS readers.

As a result, many are now looking for good alternatives or a replacement for Google Reader. Check the RSS readers that find mention in this article. These services allow you to easily collect and organize news and information on the web from websites, without you having to visit them individually.

Google Reader Alternatives and Replacement

Depending on your needs, you can choose to use a desktop RSS reader or an online RSS reader.

Desktop RSS Readers


Good news is a fast, free desktop RSS reader that supports full-page reading, so you have full control over how many articles are displayed at once. An important highlight of this RSS reader is that it has a built-in display style using which allows you to avoid flashing ads and banners, thus providing a neat layout for reading. Plus, you can import and export all of your subscriptions and use tags to organize your posts.

GreatNews comes with many RSS feeds included. You may want to review them and delete the ones you don’t want. This freeware does not need .NET or Java runtime. Everything is included in the installation files.

RSS feed is a cross-platform service, i.e. compatible with several operating systems. The free and powerful news feed reader lets you search by keyword, group entries, and view feeds in a newspaper style (side by side using multiple tabs). If you wish, you can save selected information in different formats to view and share offline. There’s even support for an internet browser that helps you open the full content of an article from a feed. It requires JRE.

Online RSS readers

RSS readers

Eating is available as a mobile app. Moreover, it is an extension or an add-on for most browsers. It can be used as a Firefox add-on or a Chrome extension. It is also able to sync with your Google Reader subscriptions. If there is an article on one device that you want to save on another device to read later on another device, you can easily do that. Thus, giving you a better way to organize, read and share content from your favorite sites. Take a look at our article on Feedly Tips & Tricks.

NewsBlur is a new people reader that brings people together to talk about the world. Google Reader alternative makes it easy to migrate from Google Reader. Just point, click and within minutes you should find your feed being verified by newsblur. If needed, you can save stories to a number of services like Evernote, Instapaper and more. With NewsBlur, only the stories that interest you can be highlighted. Rest, can be hidden from view. In short, you can make the service learn your preferences. has an interface that may initially take some getting used to, but once you get used to it, it can help you a lot. The reader allows you to import your Google Reader subscriptions. You can find a sidebar whose content changes when you click on a particular news item.

Let us know if you would like to recommend other Google Reader alternatives or RSS readers.

Closing Google Reader

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