Google’s first dragon-skin campus is eco-friendly

After five years of work, the new Google campus based in Bay View (California) has finally opened its doors. An infrastructure with astonishing architecture, designed with an objective of eco-responsibility while promoting the well-being of employees.

It was in 2013 that Google began to think about this new campus, located not far from NASA’s Ames Research Center. The project has evolved a lot since then, but this time it’s the right one, the buildings have been characterized this week. ” This is the first time that we have developed one of our own major campuses “, explains the search engine, “ and the process gave us the opportunity to rethink the very idea of ​​office “.

Water, sun and wind

This desire to do things differently translates into a design that is out of the ordinary. From a distance, the infrastructure on a 17-hectare site looks like a collection of tents. But the architects were inspired by the “dragon scale skin” to design the roof of the main pavilion. A roof designed to absorb maximum light to reduce reflective glare for motorists and airplane pilots, many around Bay View.

Credit: Google

In addition to the solar panels that make up the roof, wind power supplies the campus with 90% of its electrical energy. The environment was at the heart of the reflections of two architectural firms at work, the Bjarke Ingels group (BIG) and the Heatherwick studio. Thus, the two kitchens that supply the seven cafes on campus have electric equipment rather than gas.

For the heating and air conditioning of buildings, geothermal batteries are used. They obtain 90% of the quantity of water normally used for cooling, which is the equivalent of 22 million liters of water saved each year.

Seven hectares have evolved into natural areas: wet meadows, woods and marshes designed to restore landscapes and rehabilitate wetlands in this area of ​​the San Francisco Bay. The water retention basins also serve to restore the surrounding nature, they are also authorized against the rise in sea level.

Google is also developing another campus that shares the same design, which will be deployed next to existing buildings in Mountain View.

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