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Around every year, Google publishes an updated version of its guide for Quality Raters, responsible for noting the quality of any changes expected for the engine’s algorithm. A new version has just been put online on July 28. On the menu: YMYL and EAT…

Google has just updated its guide for Quality Raters, the last version of which dated from October 2021. Remember that Quality Raters are people paid by Google (but not part of the company) to evaluate, most often by A/B testing, new versions of the engine algorithm and the quality of the results returned on this occasion. Under no circumstances do Quality Raters directly influence search results. Their job was above all to give an appreciation about a research result. It is then up to Google developers and engineers to take this opinion into account – or not.

It should also be remembered that these are not search engine employees (Search Quality Team) responsible for imposing sanctions on websites that cheat and attempt to manipulate search results through prohibited techniques (a confusion often made by beginners in SEO).

As part of their work, Quality Raters therefore have a manual at their disposal, the latest version of which has therefore just been published, dated July 28, 2022. In this 67-page guide, the main changes compared to the above discusses Google’s definitions of YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) – section 2.3 – and the importance of EAT to page quality – sections 6.0 and 7.0. Points that were already at the center of earlier versions. But a review and update is never bad…

Changes made in the last 3 versions of the Google Guide for Quality Raters. Source: Google

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