her story educates future adopters

The association that saved this dog wants to raise awareness.

Stanley is a French Bulldog who enjoys life to the fullest. However, his start in life was not easy.

As revealed by the People site, this doggie was collected by the organization “Roadogs Rescue” in Los Angeles. An association specializing in the assistance and adoption of “Bulldog breeds with medical problems and disabilities”.

140 dogs crammed into cages

Last May, Stanley and 139 dogs were found in a small residence in Modesto, California. At the time, the police were called for “domestic violence”.

Upon entering the home, law enforcement discovered hundreds of dogs crammed into cages.

“An officer recalled vomiting, the smell of ammonia and feces outside, and inside there was dry urine and feces all over the floors. »

” Be careful “

Stanley’s personality quickly captivated the agents of the association: “What surprised me was how nice he was as soon as we got him out of the car,” Carvey said.

According to the investigation carried out by the police, the former owner of Stanley promoting French Bulldogs on social networks to sell his animals at the best price.

Today, the dog’s story aims to warn potential adopters: “Stanley helps other puppy mill dogs by making them aware of the fact that puppy mills exist all around us! Stanley came from a Modesto duplex. And there are many more people with dog crates stacked in their homes or garages. Be vigilant, ”concluded the founder of Roadogs Rescue in the columns of People.

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