Here is great news for the Elrond project!

The Elrond project, does that mean anything to you? It is a blockchain project on which a cryptocurrency rose to prominence in early 2021. EGLD quickly gained critical acclaim to the point of being described as the future or digital. After an almost continuous fall from the highs reached during the year 2021, the EGLD could soon see a significant upward movement. We tell you!

BitMart joins the Elrond project

If you are a fan of the cryptocurrency universe, you have certainly heard of Bitmart. Well this platform has decided to quote the EGLD since May 9th. Thus, users of this crypto trading platform can for a little less than a month buy EGLD in an extremely simple way. This increase in demand should quickly place EGLD in a bullish channelwhich could in the medium term increase the overall value of this cryptocurrency.

Otherwise, BitMart also validated the ESDTthat’s to say the Elrond Standard Digital Token. This new standard allows entrepreneurs to join the Elrond project by paying their own tokens related to the technology and objectives of this cryptocurrency.

It’s time to buy !

When we look at the current EGLD course, we don’t necessarily have the heart to celebrate. But tell yourself that this is great news because it means that the announcements mentioned and high have not yet been anticipated by investors. For you, who now know, it’s time tobuy elrond. Indeed, the EGLD is at its lowest level in a year. In other words, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this operation. So go for it!

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Rest assured, we are not the only ones to recommend this cryptocurrency for purchase. This is the case of another columnist from The Blog, in this article.

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