How to arrange a functional and comfortable kitchen?

A modern kitchen must combine ergonomics and design, while ensuring functionality. In many apartments, the kitchen is where family members spend most of their time preparing meals together, eating and socializing. That is why it is useful to arrange this room in an extremely functional way.

Divide your kitchen into activity zones

One of the golden rules in modern kitchens is to divide this space into activity zones. This makes everyday kitchen tasks easier, more comfortable and more convenient. Of course, this solution works best in a large kitchen, not in a small kitchenette. The division of the kitchen into 5 zones facilitates the preparation of meals. These 5 areas include:

● the storage area should contain the refrigerator, freezer and other cabinets (if there is space);

● the storage area, ie the place where the pots, crockery and small household appliances are located;

● the washing area, i.e. the place where the sink, the dishwasher, the garbage cans and selective sorting baskets are located (these days, it is sometimes difficult to place several sorting baskets selective, so it is advisable to book a suitable place in advance);

● a food preparation area – this function can be fulfilled not only by a worktop above the cupboards, but also by an island;

● a cooking area which should include a stove, oven, microwave and extractor hood.

You can also put decorative fridge stickers on your refrigerator, which will not only make your interior more attractive, but also have practical significance. The sticker can contain recipes or important information.

Activity triangle and kitchen layout

In addition, the so-called activity triangle should be taken into account in your kitchen, an ergonomic solution to ensure a good quality of work. This is to maintain optimal distances between the different devices:

● the distance between the refrigerator and the sink should be between 120 and 210 centimeters;

● the distance between the sink and the cooker must be between 90 and 210 centimeters;

● the distance between the refrigerator and the cooker should be between 120 and 270 centimeters.

So you can move around the kitchen comfortably.

High-quality appliances and a large countertop in your kitchen

Another important aspect is the choice of high-quality kitchen appliances and accessories. After all, it is these appliances that will make working in the kitchen possible. It is better to buy these devices in professional stores than in supermarkets. It is also useful to ensure that the work surface is as large as possible. The worktop is where you prepare meals, cut vegetables and unpack groceries. The worktop next to the refrigerator should be at least 40 centimeters, and the entire worktop should be 120 centimeters or more. Often, the surface of the island can also function as a worktop, which is ideal for a living room with a kitchenette.

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