How to arrange your kitchen cabinets in a functional way?

The layout of kitchen cabinets plays an important role in the functionality of the kitchen. A poorly appointed kitchen will not be practical or functional. This is why right from the design stage it is important to devote particular attention to these details which can be important in the final result.

Lost spaces must be limited, the piping must be well camouflaged in the decor while the furniture must be adapted to the room. Discover therefore within these lines different solutions that allow to optimize the efficiency of the kitchen space.

Opt for built-in appliances

One of the ways that allows the optimization of space within a kitchen is in the embedding of appliances. Indeed, by building in your fridge and/or your oven within your kitchen cabinets, the latter will look less imposing in the interior of the room. It will visually lighten the fronts of the cabinets by granting a uniformity that will blend perfectly into its decor.

Divide the kitchen into a triangle of activity

This technique consists of strategically dividing the movements inside the kitchen. Here is a list that presents these three main centers of activity in the kitchen:

  • Preparation and cooking station

◦This space the oven, the hobs, the pans as well as the worktop.

◦This space accommodates the sink and the dishwasher (if the kitchen is one)

◦This zone contains only the refrigerator

In short, by adapting the kitchen in such a way, your movements inside it will be more strategic and calculated. Avoiding running a marathon while cooking.

The different possible layouts for your kitchen cabinets

Inside the kitchen, it is possible to arrange the location of kitchen cabinets according to the dimensions of the room. Discover below different ways to arrange a kitchen:

I-shaped kitchen

This type of cuisine is usually presented in small spaces. The kitchen in I is realized in the form of a long central island only. Earlier it was a question of the activity triangle, unfortunately given that all the usable surfaces are placed on the same surface, the latter is not feasible in an I-shaped kitchen. However, it is still possible to optimize its interior layout. Comment? By positioning the cooking space between the sink and the cold zone.

The parallel kitchen

This type of kitchen cabinet arrangement is certainly more spacious than the I-shaped one. The parallel kitchen is arranged so as to have two long blocks of cabinets facing each other, hence the name parallel kitchen. In this kitchen, the activity triangle is applicable. In fact, on the first surface there is the preparation and cooking station, while on the second surface the elaborated ones are designed to accommodate the washing area and the cold area.

The L-shaped kitchen

Finally, here is the layout of L-shaped kitchen cabinets. This type of layout is one of the most suitable for accommodating the activity triangle by having the possibility of placing the washing area with the sink on the one of the surfaces and placing the other two areas in the second section of the kitchen. This layout notably frees up space to install one or more stools at the end of the counter.

In short, the L-shaped kitchen is one that is made easy to functional.

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