How to face the fall of Bitcoin? Advice from the President of El Salvador

HODL and courage – Since Bitcoin (BTC) became a legal tender currency in El SalvadorPresident Nayib Bukele managed to stay the course despite the criticism. With the recent drop in BTC around $20,000, the Salvadoran leader wants to teach crypto investors the greatest virtue: patience (with a capital “P”).

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“Stop scrutinizing the graphs”, advises the president of El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele a meeting a strong opposition from supranational bodiesas the MFI – as soon as it announces its intention to make Bitcoin the national currency of El Salvador.

Against all odds, the leader succeeded in his bet on September 7, 2021with the entry into force of the Ley Bitcoin. Today, while the entire cryptosphere doubts the future of the sector, Nayib Bukele wants to be once again encourage and optimistic.

On wires account Official Twitter, President of El Salvador urges crypto-asset investors to keep calm in these moments of decline, certainly painful. Nayib Bukele remains convinced that the violent storm that is currently crossing the cryptosphere will eventually pass.

“I see that some people are worried or anxious about the market price of Bitcoin. My advice: stop looking at the graph [des cours du BTC] and enjoy life. If you have invested in bitcoins, your investment is safe and its value will increase tremendously after the bear market. Patience is the key. »

Twitter account @nayibbukele

Wisdom or madness? If we believe in long-term potential cryptocurrencies – decentralization, universalism, independence from states – these words should seem wise to you. In any case, faced with galloping inflation fiat currencies, the chief investment officer of black rock largely shares the point of the President of El Salvador. The CIO of BlackRock Thinks Bitcoin and Cryptos Are ‘Sustainable Assets’and their value will be ” higher “ In the coming years.

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