How to make your kitchen more modern?

Do you want to give your interior a little facelift, starting with your kitchen? If you don’t have the budget to hire a kitchen designer to change everything, know that it is quite possible to give a facelift to this central room in the house without breaking the bank. These tricks are easy to apply and cost little: it’s up to you to see, you will ask to apply at home.

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Modify credenzas

If your kitchen doesn’t yet have a splashback, adding one can literally transform your room! You can opt for tiling along the worktops, the sink or the hot plates. Wood is also a possibility, but be careful with the choice of materials! Finally, if it is impossible to carry out a deep modification of this zone, know that there are also adhesive credenzas.

It is also possible to repaint a credenza already in place, in order to modify the colors of a kitchen. make sure you use a suitable paint for this.

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Transform the furniture

There are two very simple ways to modify kitchen furniture without changing it. The first is to repaint them: the ideal is to use a paint that is resistant to humidity, which not only allows you to change the color of the furniture, but also to protect it over time.

The second way to give your furniture a makeover and change their handles. There is a wide variety of them that can be purchased at a DIY store and even at some interior decoration stores. It is generally enough to unscrew the handle in place to replace it with the new one in a few moments: it is therefore a modification accessible to all.

Rearrange the cupboards

Changing the exterior of signs is one thing, but changing the interior is another! Indeed, the organization of the layout of your signs can change everything in your kitchen. It is possible that your storage needs have changed over time and that you need more space to store dishes or small appliances.

You can add shelves or, on the contrary, remove them. It is also possible to change their height to allow you to store your cooking equipment more easily. Some DIY stores offer to precisely cut the wooden planks to the desired size: this can allow you to make your modifications without effort.

Change the lights

Replacing an aging chandelier with a more modern one is a simple and effective way to modernize a kitchen. This can go hand in hand with a color change or the addition of a credenza whose design can echo that of the new luminaire.

Before buying the new model, it is specified that it is easy to detach the model already in place: the manipulations are generally not very complex, but this can change if the basic installation is really very old.

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Invest in small appliances

It is possible that your equipment also needs a little facelift to contribute to the modernity of your kitchen. If your budget allows you, change microwaves, treat yourself to a new coffee machine or even a food processor. This will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of cooking on a daily basis. You will probably want to spend more time in this room!

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