How to remove fleas from a cat naturally?

If your cat scratches a lot, it could be a sign that he has fleas. To eliminate these parasites in a natural and painless way for your animal, existing alternatives, some of which are already present in your cupboards.

Among our most dreaded animal health problems, flea infestations often figure prominently. During his daily walks outdoors, your cat has unknowingly provided fleas in his coat. However, fleas are not just an annoyance for your pet. They can also invade the interior of your home. As soon as you notice that your cat is scratching a lot, take action to eliminate the invasion. If flea treatments are offered by veterinarians, it is possible to use natural and even homemade alternatives. Safe for your pet, they also have the particularity of being inexpensive.

Make a natural flea spray with lemon or chamomile

One of the easiest ways to get rid of fleas is to spray on a lemon solution. To do this, collect lemon and orange peels and place them in a small saucepan filled with water. Bring everything to a boil then put on medium heat for about ten minutes. Leave to cool, strain everything and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Then do a few sprays on your cat’s coat, basket or toys. Be careful though, because the smell of citrus can bother some cats. If your pet doesn’t like the smell of lemon, substitute the rinds with leaves or a chamomile tea bag. This smell will not bother your cat and may actually be more effective on kittens.

Use essential oils or vinegar to ward off pests

In addition to lemon and chamomile, fleas are sensitive to several other smells. To scare them away naturally, you can use essential oils. Among the most effective scents are lavender, lemongrass and eucalyptus. However, essential oils should not be applied pure to the cat’s skin. This could cause redness and itching. Rub a few drops in your hands and stroke the cat on parts of the body that it cannot lick itself such as the back of the ears or the neck. You can also put a few drops on his collar if he wears one. Finally, this trick also works with apple cider vinegar, which is also unpleasant for fleas.

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