In Spain, Google launches its first “cloud region” in southern Europe

Google has 30 cloud regions around the world. The one just introduced in Madrid is the first in southern Europe for the company.

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A cloud region is an availability zone, made up of a collection of servers located in the same location or, in this case, in the same country. The objective is to provide services to companies, which are located nearby, in order to guarantee them faster access to these services. Google has 30 cloud regions around the world. The one just introduced in Madrid is the first in southern Europe for the company. They are also the first cloud region opened by a technology giant in Spain. But this is only the first because Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Web Services or Oracle are due to arrive in the country soon.

The cloud regions are very similar even if this region called South-West Europe1 has some important specificities. It is made up of three facilities, three centers that will have equivalent power and will be connected to each other to avoid service interruptions. This cloud region will also reduce the latency of the internet connection, which will go from 20 milliseconds to 1 millisecond in Madrid, and to less than 10 in the rest of Spain. This is one of the main advantages for users. And then Google continues its commitment to sustainability, ensuring that this cloud region will be low-emissions. Eventually, the tech giant has pledged to operate everywhere in the world on carbon-free energy by 2030.

Spain has recently established itself as one of the main centers of investment in digital infrastructure in Europe and Madrid as the “digital hub” in the south of the continent. A privileged position which has strong repercussions for the country and the Madrid region. “The launch is important because it offers Spanish companies the possibility of storing their activities in the cloud, which is closely linked to the modernization of a country.explains Nerea Bilbao, journalist of the magazine computer world. For Madrid, this means on the one hand a strengthening of its international visibility, as a digital hub, which is always an attractive message abroad. It also means a boost for its economy. Undoubtedly, opening cloud regions in an autonomous community requires a specialized technical team and this has also generated indirect employment.

Google’s cloud region started operating in Madrid on May 9 and it already has around 100 customers. It represents a total investment of 650 million dollars, 10,000 jobs and an impact of 1.3 billion euros on the Spanish economy.

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