Italian flavors, roasted flavors and cooked dishes in Pardies

Audrey and Arnaud Maysonnave offer family cuisine within reach of everyone in Pardies. Everything ready to go for those who don’t have the time or the desire to do it themselves. Their story is unusual. Audrey was a carer and Arnaud worked in a factory. They left their old life to create a rotisserie with red label free-range chicken raised in Arzacq by Stéphane Laffite 2 years ago.

Cooked dishes: more than 80 in rotation to avoid getting bored

Every day they are open in Pardies, Audrey and Arnaud Maysonnave bring out around ten prepared meals. With the heat, note, many salads, vegetable flans or even their tabbouleh: tomato, raisins, mint, melon and feta. For most products, they are supplied at the regional level. Meat at the SICA Pyrénéenne in Lons. And finally, they opened a pizzeria in the Italian tradition. With Italian charcuterie, Italian cheese and other specialties from this country. A nod to the Basque Country with the basquaise: a chicken pizza from the South-West. And at the start of the school year, Béarnaise with fresh duck breast. Without forgetting, that they cultivate their vegetable garden and certain vegetables are put in the dishes which they concoct.

“Aux Saveurs roastes” is open from Tuesday to Sunday noon

“Aux Saveurs Italiennes” is open from Tuesday to Saturday evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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