[J2] The Girondins4Ever notes from Rodez-Bordeaux

Of course, there is this score of 3-0, away from home, with a second clean sheet in two games, already twice as much as last season against the gravediggers. Of course, there is this youth, who fights, who respects the instructions, who runs, who presses, who scores… Of course, the executives respond present, and a group seems to be created, under the leadership of David Guion, he should not be forgotten. Of course, it is out of the question that we ignite because the path is long and winding. But what foot. What foot to regoĆ»ter to victory, chose so infrequent last season. And above all, a victory with wet jerseys, soaked, by the energy spent, by the sweat which flows. That is priceless, like the merger with the fans outside the stadium at the end of this match. An atmosphere worthy of a revival? We wish everyone.

While waiting for the recruits, congratulations to the young people, congratulations to the executives, congratulations to the staff. See you next week for the first derby, against the Chamois Niortais, who lost at home 1-4 against Bastia.

Girondins4Ever notes

Chick: 7
Economy: 7
Gregersen: 6
Mwanga: 6
Bokele: 6
Lacoux: 6
Fransergio: 7
Ignatenko: 7
Bakwa: 7
Delaurier Chaubet : 5
Maja: 5

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