La Ch’tite Brigitte, a “no fuss” and authentic estaminet, opens in Old Lille

On August 2, 2022, chef Clément Richevaux opened La Ch’tite Brigitte, an estaminet in the purest tradition, just opposite his first restaurant, in Old Lille. (©HM/Lille news)

If you’re fed up with taverns tourists, this new address should reconcile you with this local cuisine. Open since this Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 10, rue des Bouchers in Old Lille, La Ch’tite Brigitte propose authentic dishes, in the purest Flemish tradition. The map was created by chef Clement Richeauxwho officiates just opposite, in the very good restaurant Chez Brigitte.

The kitsch decor of a tavern

Since the end of 2019 at 13 rue des Bouchers, the chef from Lille has been serving refined cuisine at Chez Brigitte, a name in a nod to his grandmother who gave him a taste for cooking. But Clément Richevaux always had in mind to realize one of his dreams: to open a real tavern to serve typical dishes from the North, as prepared by Grandma Brigitte.

The opportunity finally presented itself this year, with the closure of the restaurant L’Arc, located just opposite Chez Brigitte. A golden location! “I was born 500 m from here, I almost grew up in this street”, says the Lille resident.

With his two partners, Guillaume and Franck, “there since the beginning of Brigitte”, he began to go around the street markets. For two months, they hunted down a lot of trinkets to decorate the new establishment.

Two months of shopping in the local street markets were necessary to put together the decoration of the tavern.
Two months of shopping in the local street markets were necessary to put together the decoration of the tavern. (©HM/Lille news)

Old advertisements, promotional blotters, an assortment of copper saucepans, oil lamps and even family portraits… All the kitsch codes of the tavern are there. Clément even had old posters printed to line the walls of the restaurant.

Welsh, waterzoï and pasta with juice

If the decoration plunges us immediately into the atmosphere, the menu too! The chef did not skimp to make it as authentic as possible. “We keep the same suppliers as Chez Brigitte”, specifies Clément. The products used are therefore the best of what you can find in the area. There is therefore no question of using “English cheese” for Welsh. “Cheddar is not Lille! We do it with the Sablé de Wissant that we melt in beer. »

On the menu, you will also find other typical Flanders recipes such as fish or chicken waterzoï. But also sausage from Cambrai, lost ceramics, pasta with juice. Even more, the garlic horse skirt, a dish very popular in real estaminets, “it’s in the Top 5! By daring to put certain recipes back in the spotlight, Clément Richevaux wants to distinguish himself from other establishments. “Today, real Lille residents reluctantly go to pubs. We want them to come back with pleasure. »

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And to have a good time there, what could be better than a “no fuss” service, with a bowl of fries to share. “We’ll be like at home, except that we don’t have to do the dishes,” says the chef.

To (re)discover the real cuisine of the North, go to 10 rue des Bouchers, in Old Lille. Count from 16 to 21€ for the dishes. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, only in the evening on Tuesday and only for lunch on Sunday. To book your table, go here.

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