La Grangette: a connected and autonomous kitchen garden

La Grangette, a fully autonomous vegetable garden with small seed and substrate capsules, an innovation that we may soon see in our kitchens.

For its creator Thibaut Pradier, “the idea is to have an indoor vegetable garden for all kitchens within five years“. With La Grangette, anyone will be able to grow a multitude of fresh plants and herbs at home, in their kitchen, effortlessly, all year round.

For the moment, the model presented to the public remains a prototype, even if Thibault Pradier is particularly proud of it: “We’ve been working on it for 5 years. We created this magnificent vegetable garden, which is a bit like the Mona Lisa of indoor vegetable gardens. You will not find it in the trade, it is only a functional exhibition product“.

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