Lanton: drawings, sculptures, cooking: the art of jigging

The jigger and the cuttlefish go hand in hand to lightly and humorously inspire Candice Bocquelet’s pencil. Seduced by the little lure and its double meaning, the young artist transforms it into characters with titles that also have a double meaning. Such as the “good old Turlutte du Bassin” or “La petite Turlutte sauvage”. It is decorative and smiling (cf. Photo).

There is also Guillaume Faugere, a fisherman who creates jigs out of the ordinary. His specimens, whose highly technical coating looks just like the scales of a small fish, are beautiful… and effective. The greedy cuttlefish is fooled like a beginner!

We should also mention the exhibition and painting workshop led by Philippe Pahun. This Parisian painter who loves the Basin has been working with sepia for 10 years, a traditional technique in which ink extracted from cuttlefish is used in wash, with color intensities varying according to the dilutions.

280 children’s drawings

The children of the France Gall school are not going to miss the appointment anymore. To discover: their 280 drawings of cuttlefish inspired by nature days, with among them “real nuggets” already announce François Dom, the president of the Festival Committee.

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