Lidl is releasing a cutlery set that brings color to your kitchen!

To cook like a chef, Lidl invites you to discover its new range of ultra-sharp knives with a playful and colorful design!

To cook well, you need good kitchen utensils! Lidl invites you to discover its range of high-performance cutlery corresponding to the colors that give you a kick! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A perfect summer with Lidl

What’s new at Lidl right now? The brand continues to align bargains and prices every day to preserve the purchasing power of its customers.

And the success is there. Since the beginning of the summer, the brand has reserved some exceptional ones for us to allow us to spend a season at the top.

Garden tools, household appliances, beach accessories… The offers follow one another at a frantic pace. And all of this is far from over yet.

Because summer is not coming to an end yet! The beautiful days will still accompany us for a while. And the heat too. So to refresh yourself, why not go for a walk in the frozen food department at Lidl?

You will find a new line of ice cream, perfect for enjoying at any time of the day! To protect yourself from the sun’s rays outdoors, the brand also has the ideal weapon.

Discover this double parasol is as beautiful as it is practical to ensure you are in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

Finally, summer is also the time when we have the most time to cook. While the rest of the year doesn’t leave us much time to preparer of good meals, summer is the perfect time to invest in your kitchen.

On the menu: fresh salads, light dishes and airy desserts are to be tried urgently to please yourself and your guests. But you still need good utensils to cook like a pro.

Lidl is releasing a cutlery set that brings color to your kitchen!

A range of essential knives for the kitchen

It often happens that we do not have the right tools to start preparing dishes that appeal to us. Who has never railed against a knife that did not cut correctly?

Well the problem is about to be solved with Lidl! Indeed, the discounter offers you these days to discover a new range of kitchen knives as efficient as they are colorful!

This set of knives includes six templates to cut everything to perfection. You will thus have at hand, a universal knife, a bread knife, a kitchen knife, a carving knife.

As well as’a santoku knife and a paring knife! Here is something to cook with meticulousness and ease to perform all the most technical gestures!

Resistant and efficient, this range of cutlery includes its own protective sheath. This is to prevent the box from rusting or being damaged. In addition, it is good to know that these Lidl utensils are also dishwasher safe.

You are then certainly wondering how much this exceptional offer costs. Well, as usual with Lidl, the price of this set of cutlery is bound to surprise you.

Because to have this one in your kitchen drawers, expect to pay 14.99 euros. This is an offer that once again cannot be refused!

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