Loire: around sixty cats found frozen or buried after an eviction

Mixed with iced popsicles and breaded fish fillets

Thirty-two cats, including six adults, carefully wrapped in cloth nappies, were discovered mixed with iced popsicles and breaded fish fillets in the freezer left behind by the tenant couple, evicted in mid-May for non-payment their rent, says the same source, confirming information from the regional daily “Le Progr├Ęs”.

The remains of around thirty other small felines were discovered wrapped in fabric, buried in the earth of many flower pots scattered around the house in this town of Forez.

A necropsy, conducted on dead animals as part of the preliminary investigation designated by the Saint-Etienne prosecutor’s office at the Montbrison gendarmerie, concluded that there were no acts of cruelty on the part of the tenants suffering from psychological problems. They will be heard by the police.

The editorial staff advises you

A complaint for animal abuse was filed by an association for the protection of animals against this couple who lived, in deplorable hygienic conditions, in the company of two dogs and about thirty living cats when they were forced to leave. home, the same source said.

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