Luc-la-Primaube. A parent-child cooking workshop

No need to look for an idea to share a moment with your child. The ideal activity for learning, having fun and enjoying yourself: cooking workshops of course! As part of family leisure, the MJC offers parent-child cooking workshops. Thus, last Wednesday, Eliott, Rafaël, Ambre, Marceau, Augustine, Lise… accompanied by their mum, dad or mami, under the advice of Mélanie and Valérie, learned while having fun the recipe for peach apricot crumble mint.

An easy preparation that requires little dexterity and above all fun. Children are real pastry chefs! After having peeled and washed the apricots or peaches, cut them into pieces, placed them in a gratin dish, sprinkled with chopped mint leaves, they mixed flour, brown sugar and butter to obtain a sandy paste which they spread on fruit without packing. They then baked the whole thing at 200° for 30 minutes.

The icing on the cake, they took their good meals to share with the rest of the family. A workshop combining the pleasure of sharing a moment together and an educational activity.

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