Lyon are scared but start the season with a victory against Ajaccio

Twenty-five minutes, and then that’s it. With two early goals, Lyon wanted to head for an easy victory against Ajaccio, Friday August 5 at the opening of Ligue 1. But the expulsion of Anthony Lopes (27th), followed by the goal from the penalty spot by Thomas Mangani, totally revived the Corsicans, finally also reduced to ten. OL fell asleep afterwards, came close to corrections, but finally got away with it (2-1). The ACA fought with their weapons and could have hoped for better.

To say that Olympique Lyonnais has not changed in three months is obvious. This annoying propensity to show two distinct faces in the same match, exciting then terribly nonchalant, OL did not erase it in the off-season. The precaution remains in order to judge an inaugural outing, but the Rhodaniens did not reassure many people. Even against a promoted, the scuttling was not far.

Not much, however, foreshadowed such stammerings at the end of the first twenty minutes of high flight. After two first hot alerts, Tetê, at the end of a great collective action, a Benjamin Leroy mystified with a strike from the left (12th). A foul from Cédric Avinel then offered a penalty to OL, converted by Alexandre Lacazette (20th). The ex-Gunner, passer on the first pawn, succeeded in his return to his garden.

Anthony Lopes has however, in spite of himself, cut short this Lyon stroll. The doorman split a dangerous exit on Mounaïm El Idrissy, scooping a red logic and delivered Thomas Mangani reduced the mark on penalty (31st). It was enough to restore the hair of the beast to the Ajaccien Bear, uninhibited in counter-attack.

Alas, at the twilight of a lively first period, Romain Hamouma let his elbow drag on Lucas Paqueta and received a second yellow (45th + 4). Frustrating, especially since, for a similar gesture from Thiago Mendes in the area a little earlier, Mr. Bastien had remained unmoved.

In a gloomy second half interspersed with a few flashes from Ajaccio, OL played in an uncomfortable in-between. Qualitatively above but not quite liberated, the Lyonnais redoubled their clumsiness. A few players, like the young Johann Lepenant, showed up. Success saves appearances, but the sporadic danger carried on the cage of the promoted worries. For its part, the ACA came out of it with its head held high. The maintenance mission will be tough, but Olivier Pantaloni has a solid base to make a few moves.

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